Who is Leslie Erhardt?

Committed to helping people improve their lives my entire career, I am excited to be in the life coaching field, and bring the combined experience of teaching, guiding, counseling and advocating for people for almost 30 years.

I am a person who is deeply grateful for all of the opportunities and privileges I have been given. I am also genuinely grateful for all of the challenges, great and small, that I have faced and overcome; for everything that I have experienced in my life has contributed to creating the person that I am today. 

My life coaching work is deep, it is meaningful, it is honest, and I am fully engaged in it. Because of the inner work that I have done, the choices that I have made, and the opportunities that I have been given, I live with passion, joy, purpose and clarity, and nothing would give me greater joy than to help you do the same. My path is still unfolding, I am excited about its course, and I would love it if you joined me. 


·        Trained Life Coach (Coaching out of the box, 2019)

·        popular Gratitude Meditation Guide (Insight Timer)

·        Teacher (B.Ed, M. Ed.)

previous experience

·        Psychologist (formerly registered with the Sk College of Psychologists)

·        Counselor (Rational Consulting, Trained in Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy)

·        Workshop Presenter (too many to list…)

I align myself with the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics and have chosen to offer support to people as a Gratitude Coach because I want to help those who are intentionally ready to seek a more joy-filled life.  Gratitude Coaching is for those ready to do the work necessary to lead a more enriched life.

Won’t you join me?

Break open old patterns

Break open old patterns

Find a new path

Find a new path