Photo by Kelli Tungay

What does a gratitude coach do?

A coach will engage you in a dialogue that leads to a fuller awareness of both yourself and your life. She will work in a nonjudgmental and supportive space so you can creatively explore beliefs, options, and choices. These conversations are designed to allow you to discover your passions, strengths and the actions necessary to move towards shaping actions of your choosing.

What she doesn’t do:

A gratitude coach does not act as a psychologist or a social worker. She does not diagnose or treat mental illness. She does not prescribe medication.  As your coach we will often work below the surface of your current awareness, with the intent is to help you move forward, rather than heal the past.

Although she may give you suggestions, she will usually ask rather than tell, and explore rather than assess. She will not tell you what to do or think, rather, she will help you find clarity regarding your beliefs and support you in creatively designing a plan for forward momentum. In this process there are times when your coach may gently challenge unhelpful patterns or assumptions, but the content and goal of every session is defined by you.

Want gratitude coaching but not sure where to start?

No problem. Coming Soon: Leslie Erhardt’s Gratitude Renovation Package is a 10 week comprehensive gratitude package that includes:

  • An Energy Assessment: to identify the key areas of your life that energize you and the key areas that drain your energy.

  • Gratitude Overhaul: Coaching on one themed aspect of your life each week which influences your overall experience of gratitude.